I'd like to run a retrospective myself against the PTG in Denver, briefly.


  • keep to have conversation with QA and the other people
  • got new conversation with QA and some people
  • had a lot of fun time in a social meeting
  • (almost) only one pub was very convenient :)
  • got productive time
  • got to know new QA related things like Zuul v3/o-h, OPNFV testing
  • got a Happy hour with Parrots


  • still very poor English, conversation skill, it didn't often go well.
  • still poor technical skill
  • tooooo much drunk
  • very hectic on the last day (Saturday)
  • in very bad jet lag days


  • Learn and train English and conversation skill
    • I'm thinking to take online English classes
  • try to drink more soft drinks or water
  • work harder to improve technical skills with fun
  • book more relaxing flights next


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