Restore Gemini PDA Firmware

Gemini PDA


I had updated my Gemini PDA firmware which was showed in the setting. However, after the updating, my gemini never booted with the planets rotating screen.

How to solve it

First, I sent an email it to the support. They replied me very quickly and said "We are aware …

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Retrospective 2018-05-10


This is a retrospective about this blog mainly.


  • My eyes are still on this blog.


  • I couldn't have continued to post regularly.
    • Language barrier
      • I prefer to use Japanese rather than English
    • Tooling barrier
      • Generate with Pelican is not so easy. Especially on smartphone?


  • Allow me …

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I found that snapper of openSUSE is very useful! When I faced an update trouble, it worked very well without any trouble!

Basically, we tend to forget to make a backup everyday every time by hand because it's not necessary normally. However, the thing is happen all of a sudden …

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