I already posted about switching this blog to igawa.io. But I think it's good to share the information about the architecture of this blog for you and especially me :)


GitHub Pages, CloudFlare

So, currently, this blog uses GitHub Pages which can be used as a free blog system. And I also use it with my custom domain and HTTPS with CloudFlare.


And I'm using pelican as a blog system which is really powerful and written by python. That means I can improve and fix if I need it. And I've done it before.


Here is the repository of this blog. This has two main branches, one is master and the other is source. master branch is for managing generated contents. source branch is for managing source code such as blog post rst/md, imange, files, etc. So, the two branches are completely different. I feel this is a bit weird, but I couldn't find a better solution so far. And It seems it works well. I don't need to change the workflow.


I have some feelings with this system.


  • I can use the issues and wiki on github for my ideas for my blog. And I can make them open.
  • I can keep and manage my blog posts as simple text files. That means I can use git to store the history.
  • I don't need the internet connection to writing blog posts.


But some negative things are,

  • I need a text editor to write blog post. Maybe, I can use a web browser instead, though.
  • It takes some time to generate HTML files everytime.


Overall, I'm satisfied with this system so far. If you interested in like this things, feel free to contact me. And you can see and post an issue here.


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