This is an article for 鰻 Advent Calendar 2017.

I re-realized that I need to practice English more. I can probably polish my reading and writing skill with IRC, Twitter, ML, etc. If I want to polish my listening and speaking skill, there are some resources such as podcasts, self online trainings, etc. And I keep listening to some English podcasts everyday. However, speaking part, I don't practice that much, actually.

So, I started to quick scan the best online English lesson for me. So, I'll share the information here.

Native teachers

  • Spoken
    • Private English Lessons, Anytime!
    • I can use any chat apps like LINE, WE CHAT, WHATS APP, etc.
    • The lessons are held during 8AM-10PM UTC-5 only. It's 10PM-12PM JST.
    • $69.99/month (depends on the frequency of the lesson and subscription length)
  • iTalki
    • An easy way to find a qualified native English teacher fast!
    • This might cost over $100~200/month to get 3 lessons/week.

Non native English teachers

  • Native Camp
    • Mostly, Filipina
    • I can get lesson anytime, like All we can get system.
    • $49/month (very cheap)
  • DMM 英会話
    • Teachers live in 89 countries.
    • There's a plus native plan. I can get lessons of native speakers easier with this plan. But it's not fixed.
    • $50/month (standard plan)
    • $150/month (plus native plan)
  • Comparison of online English lessons running by Japanese companies (NOTE: The information are written by Japanese.)
    • This site information is really useful if you wanted to know online English lessons running by Japanese companies.


I'm not decided to take a course yet. But I'm thinking to try Spoken first. The lesson timeslots are bit tight. But I can fit that. Hope I will share the result of the lesson :)

Happy Hacking!


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