Yesterday, I received a tweet

Congratulations @masayukig! You imagined the most useful @ifttt recipe! Please contact us: [email protected] — Withingsさん (@Withings) 11月 7, 2012

// Yeah! I'm really happy to see this.

I read the article a few weeks ago: And I seek the recipe about Withings x Google Calendar. But I could not find out. So I imagined this recipe. This recipe is used 53 times! This is my best score about ifttt.

But actually, this recipe has a few problems.. That is about

  1. time zone(?)
  2. the data itself

1. For example, when I weighed my weight at "Nov 8 22:31 JST 2012", but the datetime of Google Calendar is "Nov 9 22:31 JST 2012". The difference is about 24 hours!

2. For example, my data on the Google Calendar is "November 08, 2012 at Weight: 14lb / 6kg Lean mass: 117 lb / 53 kg Fat mass: 21 lb / 13.07 kg Body fat: 18 %" But I'm not a baby :-). 6kg is tooooo light for me. And Body fat "18%" is not correct.

Maybe something is wrong my recipe, Withings and/or IFTTT. But I don't know what is the cause.

If somebody knows the cause, please let me know that.


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