I found that snapper of openSUSE is very useful! When I faced an update trouble, it worked very well without any trouble!

Basically, we tend to forget to make a backup everyday every time by hand because it's not necessary normally. However, the thing is happen all of a sudden!

This is the first time to use that tool. It worked very well without any trouble. So, I think snapper is a very good feature.

By default, openSUSE setups snapper on your root volume w/ btrfs. So you can use it like this, We can rollback where you want.

To use snapper, it's very easy. By default, snapper creates snapshots every zypper updates. So, if you want to rollback, you just need to select the option to rollback on the boot menu. Or you can specify a snapshot like this:

$ sudo snapper rollback [snapshot number]

You can see snapshot numbers by snapshot list.

If you want to get more information, please refer to man snapper, snapper --help or snapper tutorial page.

Happy Hacking!


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